Varanus kingorum

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Varanus kingorum.

Common name:   Kings monitor.

Subgenus:            Odatria.

Described:            Storr 1980.

Kingorum is one of the smaller species in the Odatria genus. They can normally reach a length of up to 30-35cm 


Kingorum can be kept in a 100x50x50cm ( length X wide X high ) cage.

 As other monitors they are active during the day, and will use all the space avaible to them. So it is important to give them as much usable surface as possible. That can be achieved with fake rockwalls and cork tubes.

 I like to use a sandy soil for my kingorumĀ“s, but not types like beach sand that is very loose when dry and makes it harder fo the animals to move. A deep substrate i a good idea as it gives the female plenty of opportunities for a good nest site.

Light / heat.

 LED tubes are used as main light.

UV is provided by a single UV tube with a reflector.

 As basking light we use nornal halogen spot bulbs.

 The daytime temperature inside the cage is 28-32c.

Basking area should be around 45-50c.


 Kingorum is mainly insectivore lixards, and our diet for them is made up by the following: crickets, wax worms, grasshoppers and red runners.

Other info.

 Two color variations of kingorum is found in the reptile hobby. The color variations are brown/reddish and leucistic ( white ).


Young hatchling.