Varanus indicus

Varanus World.

Varanus indicus.

Common name:   Mangrove monitor.

Sub genus:           Euprepiosaurus.

Described:            1802 Daudin.

Indicus is a member of the Euprepiosaurus genus. The solomon island indicus we keep should reash a total length of about 100-120 cm.


 At the moment we keep our indicus in a 160x100x150cm ( length X wide X high ) cage.

 They have as our other monitors, lots of cork tubes for hiding and to give them more usable surface area.

 A big water dish/tub is a must as they love to be in the water.

 As substrate we have chosen a mix of forest floor and moss, it holds humidity well and the monitors can still make burrows in it.

 Since our indicus are not sexual mature yet, we have not yet made a propper nest site ( will be made during winter 2019/2020).

Light / heat.

 LED tubes are used as main lights.

UV is provided by a single UV tube with reflector.

 Basking light is a normal halogen flood bulb.

 The daytime temperature inside the cage is 28-32c.

Basking area is around 45-50c.


 Indicus are not picky when it comes to food. We feed ours with the following: day old chicks, mussels, chicken heart, shrimps, crabs, frogs, fish and snails.