Varanus g. flavirufus

Varanus World.

Varanus g. flavirufus.

Common name:   Sand monitor.

Subgenus:            Varanus.

Described:             1942 Mertens( V.g.f ). 1991 B√∂hme( V.f.f ) 

Flavirufus is a member of the Varanus genus. They normally reach a total length of up to 80cm.


The flavirufus we keep are still very young animals so the cages are raise up cages with the following measures, 130x70x100cm ( long x high x deep ).

 They are very active monitors, and will use all the space avaiable to them. As substratewe use a sandy soil that gets a bit hard when dry. They have some cork tubes on the bottom as hides.


Light / heat.

 LED tubes are used as main light. they are 6000-6500k.

UV light is provided by a single t5 UV tube.

 As basking lights we use normal halogen flood bulbs.

 Day time temperature inside the cages are 30-33c.

Basking areas are around 45-55c.


 Flavirufus are opportunistic hunters, and will more or less consume anything smaller then themselves.

We feed our flavirufus with the following foood items; chicken heart, chopped day old chicks, frog legs, dubia, grasshoppers.

Oher info.  

 Flavirufus is the smallest subspecies in the Gouldii complex.

In the private reptile hobby many of the Gouldii / Flavirufus are hybrids ( they are crossed with V. panoptes ), but we are lucky enough to have been able to get some pure Flavirufus.