Varanus World

Varanus World.

Welcome to Varanus World.

On the following pages you will find information on the monitor lizard species i keep/kept and breed/bred.

I currently keep the following species. Click on the species name to be directed to the specific species page.

Varanus indicus

Varanus tristis

Varanus primordius

Varanus acanthurus ( yellow )

Varanus acanthurus ( red )

Varanus storri

Varanus gilleni

Varanus kingorum

Varanus g. flavirufus.

Species i have kept in the past.

Varanus g. griseus

Varanus yuwonoi

Varanus panoptes horni

Varanus timorensis

Varanus macraei

Each species has its own page, with all the information i have been able to gather from my own experience. 

I have made a section on breeding feeder insects. There are more reasons to breed your own feeders. The price of buying feeders is, if you have a rather big collection of lizards, rather expensive, and when you breed your own feeders, you are sure of what quality you feed your lizards.

You can find available monitors from our own breeding here: