Light, heat and humidity

Light, Heat and Humidity


As main lights for all cages i use LED strip lights. For adult cages i use 1x15w

The lights are on for 12,5 hours a day. They turn on 1 hour before the basking lights, and stay turned on for about 1,5 hours after the basking lights are turned off. The reason they are turned on longer in the evning is to simulate evning, and the iguanas will finf there sleeping areas before the main lights are turned off.

Info on the LED lights:

Power use: 15w. It replace a normal 40w tubelight.

Lm: 1550

Kelvin: 4200

Volt: 230

Spreding degree: 160

For baby cages I use a single 9w LED strip light.

Info on the LED light:

Power use: 9w. It replace a normal 32w tube light

Lm: 1100

Kelvin: 4200

Volt: 230

Spreding degree: 160


As for heat, the iguanas have some standart spot bulbs(35w) The basking area is 40-45c and big enough so the iguanas can almost get there whole body under it.

As for the babies the also have normal spot bulbs, but only a 25w, so that there cages wont over heat.

The basking area for the babies are around 38c.

Since the whole room where the iguanas are is heated it is not necessary to use bulbs of a higher watt. With the 35w bulbs the cages get a temp. that are 28c during the day and about 23 during the night, in summer. In winter the night temp drop to about 20c.

For the basking areas we use the Komodo deep reflector dome, it works great for our lower watt bulbs

The UV for all adult cages is Arcadia 6% or 10% tubes. The watt depends on the cage, but they are between 18-30W

They are turned on for the same amount of time as the main lights.

We use Komodo reflectors for all our iguana cages. They are what work grest for us.


The humidity levels should be around 75-80% during the day and 90-95% during the night. The humidity is kept at those levels with a combination between a mist system and bio active substrate.

To keep the substrate moist and to raise humidity, they mist system is on a on/off switch. Using a manual switch, it is easy to control the ammount of water that needs to be added to the cages.

The mist system is a system from ENT's power pump, it can handle up to 15 spray heads(Comfort-Line). I only use 1 spray head for each cage, but with the power pump i only need one system for all cages.

The spray heads, are made of plastic, and can be taken appart for cleaning( it is possible to buy the head separately so they can be easily replaced when one need to be cleaned.

Pump info:

Max pressure: 9 bar / 125psi

Max water use: 2,2L/min

Max ammount of spray heads: 15(Comfort-Line) 30(Profi line)

Pump size: 19 x 8,5 x 10,5 cm

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