Brachylophus sp.

Fiji banded iguana ( Brachylophus sp ).

Wecome to the fiji banded iguana section. Take a look in menu and you will find all the information needed to succesfully keep and breed these amazing iguanas.

 Since the fiji iguanas (all species) are on the endangered list,they need a official cites certificate to show they are legally kept ( thats at least how it is in Europe ). The iguanas are a CITES 1 appendix A specis, meaning they are endangered in the wild. 

 The biggest threat to fiji iguanas are invasive species and habitat loss. Luckily fiji iguanas breeds happily in captivety and are becoming more and more commen in the private reptile hobby across europe.

Adult fasciatus male.

another adult fasciatus male, this male has turned alot more blue with age.

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