Brachylophus News

Brachylophus News.

Here you will in time be able to see and read our new little online "magazine" with the name Brachylophus News. The whole idea behind the magazine is to bring fiji iguana lovers together, and for everyone to be able to share information, news, breeding succes, photos, and so on.

 Everyone is welcome to write an article or just send a photo and a short note about whatever they want to share.

 New and old scientific articles will also be in the magazine.

I really hope that people want to subscribe to the lille magazine. It is completly free, as it just a little project i enjoy doing. The magazine wont be fancy or anything, it is simply a pdf magazine that i put together with info i receive and my own experience.

If you want to subscribe to Brachylophus News, you simply send an e-mail to : 


You will shortly after receive an automated e-mail ( sadly it is only possible to send that one in danish) , but all you have to do is to confirm it, and then you are set up to receive the Brachylophus News automatically ( on the photo marked "confirm subscription" you can see where to click.).

If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, then please check your spam box.

Here you can see the first Brachylophus News. Take a read and maybe you want to subscribe. In time more will be added, but if you want them as soon as they are ready, then subscribe and you will receive it directly in your inbox.

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