Below will be posted animals( Fiji iguanas, and a few monitor lizards babies will also be available) and feeder insects that are up for sale.

                              Feel free to send a message for info on available animals ( please read the terms and aggreements if you consitter buying any of our available animals). 




All Fiji iguanas sold by us comes with original yellow EU photo cites and a proof of origin paper.

You can read the terms and agreements here:

Dubia (Blaptica Dubia)

Dubia's are available from time to time. Send a message if you are interested in buying 500g or 1000g buckets.

Alot of cork tubes available

1-5kg 60dkr a kg

5-10kg 55dkr a kg

+10kg 50dkr a kg

Members of NHF prices:

1-5kg 55dkr a kg

5-10+ kg 50 a kg

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