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On this page you will find info about fijian iguanas(Brachylophus sp). I keep both B. fasciatus and B. bulabula.  The info on this website is my personal experience, and is what i have found work best for me.


A little about who I am:

I am a  educated zoo keeper with specials in genetics and micro biology. I live in Denmark.

The Brachylophus genus have always had my interest, from the first time I saw a photo(back in the early 1990). It took me about 15 years from when i saw the first photo of a Brachylophus sp, before i got the chance to keep them.

It started off with one pair of Brachylophus fasciatus, since then the collection has grown quite a bit and now also include Brachylophus bulabula.

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